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UPDATED 2/9/24


We want to thank students, alumni and staff for their patience as we strive to provide the most up-to-date information and support.


Codeup's legal consultants have provided updated information regarding the company's warranty for alumni that have not received a job offer within six months of graduating. Such warranty refunds were discontinued on December 28, 2023, the date of the school’s closure.


Additionally, we are working to restore our curriculum as quickly as possible. Our team will work to ensure that students have access to the resources they need to continue their education. 


The Texas Workforce Commission and Veterans Administration will work with students to place them into other programs. For further details, students and alumni should contact the Texas Workforce Commission and Veterans Administration using the contact information below. 


TWC (Texas Workforce Commission)

Phone: 866-256-6333



VA (Veterans Administration)

Phone: 888-442-4551



As we receive more information, we will keep you updated to the best of our ability. Our engagement specialists are actively supporting students, alumni and staff during this transition. If you have been affected and have not contacted our team, please email us at


We remain grateful to our regulatory, government and institutional partners, including the Texas Workforce Commission and Veterans Administration. We also remain proud of Codeup’s legacy, having graduated over 2,000 new tech workers who collectively added $61 million in new tech salaries to our local economy in their first year, post-graduation. Their stories demonstrate the impact Codeup has made on countless lives.



The Codeup Team

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