Women in Tech: Panelist Spotlight - Sarah Mellor

March 13, 2023

Women in tech: Panelist Spotlight - Sarah Mellor

Codeup is hosting a Women in Tech Panel in honor of Women’s History Month on March 29th, 2023! To further celebrate, we’d like to spotlight each of our panelists leading up to the discussion to learn a bit about their respective experiences as women in the tech industry!Meet Sarah!


Sarah Mellor currently works as the Director of People Operations. She joined Codeup four and a half years ago as an Admissions Manager. She went on to build out and lead the Marketing and Admissions team, while picking up People Ops tasks and projects here and there until moving over to lead the People Ops team two years ago. Prior to Codeup, she worked at education-focused non-profits in Washington, DC and Boulder, Colorado. She graduated from Wake Forest University.We asked Sarah how Codeup has impacted her career, and her response was "I have absolutely loved having the privilege to grow alongside Codeup. In my time here across multiple different roles and departments, I've seen a lot of change. The consistent things have always been the high quality of passionate and hardworking people I get to work with; the impactful mission we get to work on; and the inspiring students who trust us with their career change."Don’t forget to tune in on March 29th to sit in on an insightful conversation.