Scholarship Recipient: Kris Campos

August 14, 2018

We are very excited to announce that Kris Campos will receive the second Codeup Scholarship! She will get a 50% discount on her tuition to attend our classes and learn the skills to be a web programmer.I love to create. I have several projects in mind that are starting to take form, and Codeup is an opportunity for me to develop my skills as a computer programmer to make those projects happen.If you are interested in helping Kris with her coding education, please consider donating to her crowdfund campaign! Doing so will be investing in the future of not just one person but the technology community. For every programmer that goes out into the workforce, five more jobs are created, as programmers tend to start their own businesses and hire more talent.Best wishes to Kris in her coding journey. Expect great things from her because we are very excited to have her on board!