Student Blog: Sharon R. "A Leap of Logic"

August 14, 2018

A Leap of Logic: A Blog by Sharon R.

“Leaps” are not new to me.

I ended my “formal” schooling in Seguin just under 30 years ago, and I find it interesting that it took coming back to San Antonio to finally take control of my future.

Majoring in accounting in a liberal arts university, I was exposed to programming via required classes in COBOL and BASIC. That was my last exposure to programming, but computers always stayed part of my professional life. I found that I enjoyed figuring out new software and developing a user-end expertise in whatever programs I was required to use.

I began using my degree after graduation, moving up in the accounting world in smaller, privately held companies until taking a position with Texaco in 1990. Once there, it didn’t take very long to move into the overseas marketing department. Shortly after that, I found myself in El Salvador, then Honduras, New York, and finally the Dominican Republic.

After 8 years overseas, I was tired of the constant moves and wanted to expand beyond gas stations and convenience stores, so I was looking forward to new adventures and moving back to the States when Texaco was purchased. However, I was too long out of accounting to go back and too long out of the States to easily find something outside of my experience.

Once again, I changed direction, finally ending up in the merchandising industry out of Houston where I spent most of the past 10 years. Although a booming industry, it is somewhat risky for management as contracts shift and change (or are canceled) on a regular basis.

Three years ago, I was courted by my latest employer when one of the clients moved to them, and I became an Account Manager overseeing that client. A year ago, the company transferred me to San Antonio.

And then the company declared it was financially ruined due to the nature of its core business - book and magazine distribution. It was purchased by another this past October, days before closing its doors. I was hired by the new company, but it also announced it was having financial difficulties.

So, after many leaps into new industries, countries, cities, etc., I found myself once again looking for a path. This time, however, I wanted the leap to be logical and one in which I could find stability and fulfillment.

Just days after knowing I had to change again, I heard someone from Codeup speaking on Texas Public Radio. I wrote down the name and started my research. Three months later, after looking into the industry, I quit my job and started a new life as a web developer by becoming a student at Codeup.

I’ve made so many leaps in my life but never before had I made a leap of logic. In the past, my leaps were made because someone else said I had to or should do something. This time, it’s because it is the logical thing to do.

I was terrified of the unknown each time I made a change, but as I sit in this classroom with only 3 more weeks to go to complete the Codeup course, I become more and more confident that this is exactly where I am supposed to be. The entire world is moving more towards computers and web applications, and I am right on top of that wave.

Sharon was born in California but spent most of her childhood in Miami. She graduated from Texas Lutheran University after majoring in accounting and then moved back to Miami.She was with the Latin American/West Africa/Caribbean group of Texaco for 12 years, 8 of those in international positions throughout Central America and the Caribbean.She returned to the States in 1990, leaving Texaco and landing in Houston. She moved to San Antonio a year ago when the company she worked for offered her a promotion.