Cloud Administration Program New Funding Options

December 8, 2022

Finding resources to fund your educational goals is possibly the largest obstacle students face when pursuing higher education.Codeup offers a variety of funding options to select from, and most recently our Cloud Administration program has become eligible for GI Bill and VR&E funding.

Codeup Program

Codeup’s Cloud Administration program is a full-time 15-week course designed to prepare students for two AWS certifications: AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect Associate.Throughout the program you’ll learn to build infrastructure that enables software and data science products, manage cloud deployments and optimize for cloud performance. With instruction from industry experts, upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be prepared for an entry-level position in the cloud.

New Funding Options

Codeup’s Cloud Administration program has historically allowed you to select payment options utilizing grants, loans, scholarships, VA Benefits and self-pay. In addition to these options, we now accept GI Bill chapters 33 and 35 as well as VR&E services.

GI Bill Chapter 33

The post- 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) provides financial assistance for schooling or job training. Active duty service members beginning September 10, 2001 onward may be eligible for this benefit. Check your eligibility today.

GI Bill Chapter 35

Dependents of Veterans or service members with special circumstances may be eligible for financial assistance for schooling or job training through the DEA program. Check your eligibility today.

VR&E Assistance Chapter 31

Veterans and family members may be eligible for Veteran Readiness and Employment services (formerly known as Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment). This will provide assistance with job training, education, employment accommodations, resume development and job seeking skills coaching. Apply here.Codeup is a great place to launch your career in tech! We are the first and currently the only accredited bootcamp in Texas!If you aren’t sure if a career in tech is right for you, consider attending our 100% free instructor-led workshops. These workshops are designed to give you a taste of what you’ll learn in our programs, as well as give you information on financial aid and admissions.We can also provide program-specific information to your inbox at any time! Get started now or give us a call at (210) 802-7289 and we’ll walk you through the process.*Codeup is accredited for postsecondary, non-degree granting, career and technology programs by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (267) 284-5000