June 5, 2019

Codeup isn’t a cheap program – we know that. As one of the longest accelerators in the country, we recognize that cost is a concern for many prospective students. That’s why this week we are excited to highlight one of our long-standing financial aid partners – Project QUEST – to show you how many pathways are available.First of all, we view your tuition as an investment in your future, and we put our best people, ideas, and efforts to make that investment fruitful. But we also want to make that investment more accessible by providing as many financial pathways as possible for tuition funding. As we approach their annual fundraising luncheon this week, we want to highlight Project QUEST as one of the most effective such pathways you can explore.

“The experience of attending Codeup has radically altered my life. Now, instead of financially treading water in a service industry job with a college degree that felt wasted, I have a fulfilling professional career with exciting possibilities for in-field advancement.” – Madeleine Capper

Project QUEST is a San Antonio based non-profit dedicated to workforce development and building our city’s future economy. They provide grant funding for educational and training programs, as well as career coaching and support resources (like utilities, childcare, and transportation). Over the last 4 years, Project QUEST and Codeup have collaborated to help dozens of students change careers.

“Assistance from Project QUEST was invaluable and empowering. They offer incredible support for career training.” – Jesse Ruiz

In 2019 alone, Project QUEST has helped Codeup train 23 Software Developers and Data Scientists. Those students received grant funding (i.e. free money) anywhere from $2,000 to a full tuition ride, allowing them to fully focus on their education. Our combined efforts help empower life change, resulting in a 92% completion rate and a 95% employment rate of students receiving Project QUEST funding. And when we say life change, we mean it. The average starting salary leaving our program for Project QUEST participants this year was $59,000! That’s the salary floor, and there’s no ceiling. Considering that many of Project QUEST’s participants come from backgrounds of under or unemployment, these are generationally impactful numbers.“QUEST’s help compounded this opportunity by giving me enough fiscal assistance that I am now on more secure financial footing than I have been in my entire adult life.” – Matthew CapperIf you’re excited about Project QUEST’s impact on individuals and communities, support their work by donating here! If you’re considering a career change, reach out to us at info@codeup.com and we’ll help support your quest for a better future.