All About the Alamo Colleges Partnership!

August 14, 2018

All About the Alamo Colleges Partnership!

In April, it was announced that we are partnering with Alamo Colleges District to bring our students grants! Have you seen the spotlights on the news? We're really, really excited about what this means for our students.Thanks to the Department of Labor, our students, if eligible, may receive up to $3,500 to apply towards tuition or living-related expenses. Here at Codeup, we currently use third-party lenders and accept GI Bill® education benefits, so this partnership means one thing: lowering barrier of entry for our students.

Our CEO Jason Straughan sums it up: “If [the Alamo Colleges] mission is to create more workforce opportunities in software development, then we’re interested. Our goal is to help transitioning students, either from the military or the private sector, enter the software development workforce in an entry-level position, knowing that population grows into the next mid- and senior-level developer. It’s definitely a career where experience matters.”

Currently, 81% of our students have received this grant. Students use the grant in conjunction with other forms of financing:

  • 56% use VA Benefits (GI Bill®)
  • 28% use a Loan (Climb, Ascent Funding, Personal Loans)
  • 11% use an additional grant (WIOA, Project Quest)
  • 17% received a Codeup Scholarship (Women in Tech, Relocation, Veterans, First Responder)

Are you curious if you meet the qualifications? Check out our page on Alamo Colleges or try out our Financial Aid Estimator (Beta).Sound exciting? If you want to see if coding is for you, we are offering a FREE Learn to Code workshop later this month! This is a great opportunity to dip your feet into the world of coding, see our space, and meet our staff and ask us any questions. This event previously sold out, so RSVP now to reserve your spot!