Bootcamp Living Expenses? Codeup's Got You Covered.

August 14, 2018

Bootcamp Living Expenses? Codeup's Got You Covered.

Ready to apply to Codeup? Fill out our online application! It takes 5 min. to complete, there's no coding experience required, and we help cover your bootcamp living expenses.

Codeup now helps with your bootcamp living expenses.

You're ready to increase your earning potential. You're ready to kickstart a fulfilling career as a software developer. But your rent and car payments are keeping you in that dead-end job. Bootcamp living expenses are all too real.Fear no more, friends. Codeup and Ascent Funding have a solution for you.A leading career accelerator, Codeup transforms student lives with an outcomes-based software development education. Codeup is proud to partner with Ascent Funding to provide access to a diverse set of students. We're dedicated to removing barriers to your Codeup training and your career.As of August 2016, you can finance your Codeup tuition (minus the deposit), and add up to $6,000 as a living stipend during your program. We’re proud to offer financing under one low, universal interest rate for all approved students – regardless of your credit history or current position in life. Our partnership includes:

  • Level playing field for all students One universal, fixed interest rate on 3-year and 5-year loan terms
  • No barriers to starting your immersive program Stipend financing available to cover bootcamp living expenses
  • Empowered decisions Know your interest rate, general APR, and full monthly repayments before you apply
  • Investment in your future No income, employment, nor educational criteria used in underwriting
  • Upfront financing No teaser rates, cosigner trickery, nor prepayment penalties
  • Cosigner options available - only if you need it

Ready to move forward or learn more? Visit our partnership site today. Be sure to check out the monthly payment calculator. That way, you'll know your payments before submitting your online application. It only takes minutes to complete.

Ready to apply to Codeup?

Fill out our online application! It takes 5 min. to complete, and there's no coding experience required.