How We’re Celebrating World Mental Health Day From Home

October 8, 2020

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th. All of us at Codeup have been working remotely and finding ways to care for ourselves during this transition. We’re pretty excited to celebrate World Mental Health Day, and think you should be, too! However you choose to celebrate, make sure it’s something that relieves your stress and anxiety, not adds to it. (AKA, Don’t read the book you hate or force yourself to do your least favorite workout.) Here are some recommendations from Codeup team members.

Finding Support Online

Need counseling services? is the way to go! Going through a breakup? There’s an app for that! Use the Mend app and!Too much going on in the world? Try staying off social media for the day.Want to see if you like meditation? Check out this video to just jump right in.

Maintaining Mental Health through Physical Health (Pick One)

Eat a salad.Cook your favorite dish to eat.Cook your favorite dish to make,Go on a hike.Take a walk.Take one of your daily activities outside, like reading, eating lunch, or meditating.Start a timed diet challenge, like the Whole 30!

Practicing “Play” as Adults

Ask yourself ‘what brought me joy as a child?’ and spend more time doing that as an adult. Re-read your favorite science fiction book.Sing to a karaoke machine or karaoke videos.Create dance routines to old bops.Color. (Just grab a blank sheet of paper, an old set of crayons, and draw whatever comes to mind- just like when you were a kid!)You don’t need us to remind you that mental health is critical right now. World Mental Health Day is just the excuse you need to take a breather, get support, go outside, eat well, play, and celebrate your progress. So which activity will it be? We recommend picking something from each of the above sections! In the words of Shia La Beauf and Nike “just do it.”

just do it! celebrate world mental health day