Codeup 2020 Year in Review

January 5, 2021

Finally, 2021 is here! While of course 2020 had its downs, we’d like to reflect on the silver linings and victories we had. It was actually a very big year for Codeup, as you’ll see in this Codeup 2020 Year in Review!With virtual learning, we were able to deliver our mission to people all across Texas, not just at our physical campuses. Our staff grew exponentially. We launched two campuses and a new scholarship for Black and African-American students. We were named on Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies. We now offer total confidence for employers that hire our grads with a Salary Refund Guarantee. We’ve been growing our employer network all across the country due to remote opportunities. We launched an online store to raise funds for scholarships. Thanks to virtual graduation days, we now have video evidence of what students can accomplish by the end of Codeup. We’ve continued to show our immense support of new students and graduates with curbside swag pickups on Welcome Days, and celebratory pinata kits on graduation days. Best of all, we empowered life change for 161 individuals.It has been a year of growth for staff, students, and our community. This is our first time living through a global pandemic, which brought quite a lot more firsts.

2020 Codeup Firsts:

  • Virtual classes
  • Houston AND Dallas campus
  • Scholarship for Black and African American students
  • Salary Refund Guarantee (first ever, not just a Codeup first!)
  • Online merchandise store
  • Virtual graduation days

2020 by the numbers:

  • 161 # of people who changed their careers at Codeup
  • 755 total # of Codeup alumni network
  • 30% military veteran students
  • 25% female students
  • 52% racial and ethnic minority students
  • $235,520.10 amount of scholarship funds given by Codeup to its students
  • 15 # of new employer partners that hired our data scientists
  • 4 new staff roles to directly enhance the student experience: Professional Development Coordinator, Career Coaches, Student Success Coordinators, and Veteran Experience Coordinator

Looking at the Codeup 2020 Year in Review, we feel incredibly grateful that we were able to achieve so much this year. It all goes toward our mission of empowering life change, which we are now able to do on a much grander scale. If 2020 wasn’t your year, make 2021 the year you land your dream job. Reach out to us if you’re ready to have a year full of growth, too!