Codeup Acquires Rackspace Cloud Academy!

April 16, 2021

We are thrilled to officially announce Codeup’s acquisition of Rackspace Cloud Academy!

What was Rackspace Cloud Academy?

Rackspace Cloud Academy provided bootcamp-style technical training in network administration and cybersecurity skills. It has been operated by Rackspace since 2013, reaching nearly 1,000 students in order to elevate the workforce of South Texas. The 13-week programs include System Administration and Cyber Cloud curriculums. It is now fully owned by Codeup!

What does this mean for you?

We will now offer the Rackspace Cloud Academy programs at Codeup alongside our 22-week Data Science and Full-Stack Web Development programs! This means more than double the career options for you and more tech talent for our employer partners. With a more robust menu of programs, we’re confident that Codeup will be the go-to place for anyone interested in launching a tech career, not just developers and data scientists. We now have more variety in price range, program duration, skill sets, and long-term career goals.

"This acquisition presents great, new opportunities for our company and also the students and professionals who we will be able to serve. Codeup will now have a larger footprint of campuses and classrooms across Texas, adding 80 percent more classrooms. Additionally, we will further diversify our product offerings by price point, subject, and entrance requirements, allowing Codeup to find the right path for even more applicants." - Jason Straughan, Codeup CEO

The Premier Career Accelerator

With a commitment to your outcome (a successful job in your career of choice), you will still get the highest quality curriculum and instruction, and the same unparalleled time and attention from our staff. Codeup continues to be the Premier Career Accelerator in Texas, and the best place to enter a career in technology.

The Talent Pool

Similarly, this acquisition connects us with even more employer partners that need the talent we are creating. Employers everywhere engage our Partnerships team to recruit pre-vetted candidates hand-picked for them with a 2-week salary refund guarantee. With a talent pool of many skillsets, Web Development, Data Science, System Administration, and Cybersecurity, we’ll be the first place hiring managers turn to when hiring tech talent. Employers can start working with our Partnerships team by emailing mission is to empower life change while solving the tech talent shortage in the Texas community. We’re excited to welcome the team at Rackspace Cloud Academy under the Codeup wing and accomplish this mission together on an even larger scale. Together as one, we will have a great impact on San Antonio, the state of Texas, the tech industry, and the local economy. If you’re interested in launching a career in tech, let’s talk!Give us a call at 210-802-7289 or send us an email at Ready to apply? Click here to apply now!