Announcing our Candidacy for Accreditation!

June 30, 2021

Did you know that even though we’re an independent school, we have multiple regulating bodies that verify our processes and results? For starters, we're licensed and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission. We’re also approved by the SAA Texas Veterans Commission to accept VA Benefits, and audited by the Council for Integrity in Results Reporting. This already gives us a premier status and a trusted brand name. But there’s one missing piece that would take us to the next level: an accrediting body. Now, we’re well on our way there! We are proud to announce that, effective May 2021, Codeup is a Candidate for Accreditation by The Middle States Association Commission on Secondary Schools (MSA-CSS), which is located at 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (Phone: 267-284-5000).

What does this mean?

Accrediting bodies provide guidance and best practices for institutions like Codeup, and verify the quality of our education. The MSA-CSS in particular is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. Getting accredited by them would allow us to establish eligibility to participate in federal Title IV student loan programs for adult students. This could be huge for our applicants, as it would significantly expand access to financial aid and allow even more people to change their lives by launching a tech career at Codeup. We would also be the first and only career accelerator with MSA-CSS accreditation in Texas. One article even states that coding bootcamps, in general, are not accredited.

When will this happen?

Currently, we are a candidate for accreditation, and not yet accredited. (Establishing candidacy is in itself a big feat, and a little bird told us our application was in the top 1% over at least the last 15 years!) Now that we’re candidates, we are actively working with the MSA-CSS to meet or exceed the requirements for accreditation. This process usually takes 18-24 months. Once approved, it would be an additional 12-18 months for Title IV acceptance, which is what would enable students to receive federal loans.

As the Premier Career Accelerator in Texas, we are thrilled about this news. Adding this layer of compliance and quality assurance will significantly improve the quality of education we provide and the way that we provide it. It will help us abide by our core values of Delivering Excellence, Acting with Integrity, Cultivating Inclusive Growth, and Being Helpful. It will help us live out our mission of empowering life change on a bigger and better scale, so that we can continue to be the #1 option for Texans looking to launch a career in tech!

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