Codeup Launches First Podcast: Hire Tech

August 25, 2021

Any podcast enthusiasts out there? We are pleased to announce the release of Codeup’s first podcast, Hire Tech! Hire Tech is a conversation with new developers and the people that hire them, hosted by our CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Straughan. 

In a world where “entry-level” positions often require 3 years of experience, Jason sets out to discover what it’s like to break into and work in the modern tech industry. To hear various perspectives, he interviews both Codeup alumni and tech leaders who have hired from Codeup. These stories show you the impact Codeup has on the tech world by empowering our community with real life change.

In the first episode, Jason interviews Codeup alum Ryan Smith, who has been working as a Software Developer and Software Engineer for nearly two years. From a missionary in Colombia to a Dog Handler in Afghanistan, Ryan’s life experiences are one of the many ways he and other Codeup grads stand out to employers. That, paired with his interview preparation trick. Listen in to learn what it is!

This episode will reveal how he went into his job search with total confidence, what he would tell hiring managers regarding junior-level talent, and why they shouldn’t get caught up on an applicant not knowing their primary language. Give it a listen on Spotify. Also available on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and Google Podcasts, it's perfect for your morning commute!

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