Codeup Student Check In: Month 1

August 27, 2018

Codeup welcomed our newest cohort, the Wrangell cohort, on July 23. With the start of this cohort, we are launching a new blog series: the Codeup Student Check In. We’ll interview a student over the course of their time with us to see how things are progressing from first impressions all the way to graduation. Thus, welcome to the Codeup Student Check In: Month 1!Check out Month 2 and Month 3.We took the time to sit down with our Wrangell student to see how they’ve been doing so far!Codeup: How did you hear about Codeup? Why did you want to apply?Wrangell Student: My first encounter with Codeup was during a drive downtown. I’m glancing at billboards while I’m driving and I see Codeup on one of the billboards. I remember thinking I wasn’t fully satisfied with my position in life, and my future goals aligned with Codeup’s mission. So I took a risk and applied.C: What was the application process like?S: The application process is very easy to understand. You apply directly on the website, and a member of the team reaches out to you. There are a few steps in the process itself, including an interview, a campus visit and a skills assessment.C: Tell us about any financing options/grants/scholarships you received. Did you owe anything out of pocket?S: I’m very happy to report my expenses are fully covered by a few grants and scholarships. The City of San Antonio Workforce Solutions grant, the Alamo College Techworks grant, and the Women’s Scholarship all helped to cover the cost so that I paid nothing out of pocket.C: Describe a typical day for you from start to finishS: We start off with announcements and then what we call “push-ups,” which are morning exercises to practice our chops. Sometimes we work on yesterday’s assignment, or we jump straight into lecture. After lecture, we practice the material with an exercise. Then we have a lunch break. After lunch we come back and listen to afternoon announcements. We have lecture time again, followed by another exercise.C: Describe what you’re learning right now. Is it hard/fun/challenging?S: Right now we are learning how to interact with the Google Maps API. This is probably the most challenging thing we’ve gone over so far. It’s very different extracting and working with code that is not your own. It feels like learning coding conventions all over again. But it’s still a lot of fun!C: How has the learning process/information gathering been?S: The learning process has been amazing. We use the Codeup curriculum website in combination with other resources, such as developer websites, and program documentation.C: What has been the most memorable part of this month?S: It is empowering seeing a project idea go from a blank slate to a full functioning program. The most memorable part of this month was the first time I ran a program and saw all the colors and components jump out at me on the screen.C: How do you feel your skill level compares to when you started?S: My skill level has definitely increased compared to where I was initially. I think one of the most valuable things I’ve been taught are the tools that developers use on a daily basis such as Github, git, Node, the IntelliJ IDE and more.C: How have the instructors been helpful?S: The instructors are very receptive to feedback. They recognize that their students are extremely diverse with different skill levels, and respond in an understanding manner. They also encourage us to work hard for a problem answer, rather than just giving it to us outright.C: Can you share a fun experience you have had this month?S: It is so much fun talking to my classmates and realizing how kind and open they are. I initially wanted to be alone on my lunch break, but then I had so much fun eating lunch with my classmates! I feel that Codeup is even helping me overcome my shy nature, and feeling the change within myself is fun and enlightening.