Codeup's Impact on the San Antonio Tech Community

August 14, 2018

Codeup's Impact on the San Antonio Tech Community

How Codeup Supports the San Antonio Tech Community

After joining Codeup in early 2016, I quickly realized what sets us apart from other coding bootcamps: community.Codeup leads community development by sponsoring free learn-to-code workshops, monthly coding challenges, regular developer meetups, and closely partnering with many local companies around tech centered events. We also hosted the Big Data Code-a-thon, a civic-minded hackathon, which allowed local software developers to use water data to create amazing new software for the Edwards Aquifer Authority. Codeup consistently drives growth in the number of skilled developers available in the SA tech community by educating hundreds of budding software developers. As early as our first class, Codeup contributed to doubling the number of software developers employed at Geekdom.

Nurturing New Talent

Our team is proud to offer GI Bill support, job placement services, top-notch career planning workshops, and a diverse student population. 62% of Codeup students are minorities and 24% are women. Our premier immersive coding program offers a personalized approach to delivering technical coursework and career coaching, which focuses on critical topics like resume writing, career mapping, technical white-boarding, and interviewing skills. We also support our students all the way through job placement! We are so confident in our program that we offer a tuition refund, which ensures that we hold ourselves accountable to delivering a top-notch programming education and effective placement services.The Codeup Founders & Team are passionate about contributing to the growth of the SA Tech Community. Our immersive program is targeted at early career or career transitioning developers that have an appetite for problem solving and learning. Codeup also partners local startups and small tech businesses to offer an Apprenticeship Program to promote student growth and mentorship. We are proud to be stewards of the San Antonio Tech Community by providing a top-notch coding education and creating job-ready software developers!