Coming Soon: Cloud Administration

March 17, 2022

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We're launching a new program out of San Antonio!

With the acquisition of Rackspace Open Cloud Academy last year, Codeup expanded its tech training into IT, cybersecurity, and cloud. Now, we are excited to announce our newest coming-soon program: Cloud Administration! Learn to build and manage cloud-based solutions.

What is the cloud?

In short, the cloud lets you utilize the power of other people’s computers and infrastructure. Instead of having to run everything on your own computer (and dealing with pesky problems of storage, security, and reliability), you can instantly tap into the cloud to utilize the power of companies that specialize in these areas, like AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

Why the cloud?

The future is in the cloud! As the new way of doing business, all companies need to build or interact with cloud products. And these aren’t just high-tech solutions - they’re the core of everyday products like cloud-based gaming from Xbox, collaborative work tools from Google Drive, and even music streaming services from Spotify.

What will we learn?

The Cloud Administration program will be a 15-week career accelerator that marries the best of our Systems Engineering and Cyber Cloud programs. With hands-on training in networking, Linux, Windows, security, and AWS Cloud, we’ll prepare you for entry-level jobs like Cloud Specialist, Cloud Administrator, and Cloud Engineer. Learn to build infrastructure that enables software and data science products, manage cloud deployments, and optimize for cloud performance.

Who is this program for?

If coding or statistics aren’t your things, but you’re interested in a career in tech, this is the program for you. Tinkerers, computer enthusiasts, mechanics, gamers - anyone who likes to fix and build things will love this program. With this foundation, students will be launched into IT towards careers in Cloud Architecture, Cybersecurity, DevOps, and Solutions Engineering.

When will the program launch?

We anticipate starting our inaugural class in late May. With only 20 seats available in the inaugural class, space is limited. Sign up now to be the first to hear about the launch of our Cloud Administration program!

Be the first know when the Cloud Administration program launches by signing up on this page here.