How Codeup Paid Off for Both Employee and Employer

February 10, 2021

After graduating from Codeup in 2016, Stan H. was hired on by a digital media company called Lifeblue in Plano, TX. He made the move from San Antonio to Plano and has been working there ever since. With our recent expansion to Dallas and a successful 4-year employment, we were curious: Was attending and hiring from Codeup worth it? We interviewed him and his boss so you can learn how Codeup paid off for both employee and employer!

So Stan, why did you decide to attend Codeup instead of going another route?

Stan: I was living in San Antonio at the time and looking for a way to refresh my skills and become more marketable in the IT sector after working overseas for a long time. Codeup was the most attractive option and was right in the city.

And Russell, why did you decide to hire from Codeup?


What would be your advice to a Codeup grad starting their first development job?

Stan: Be honest with yourself about your skill set and don't be afraid to ask questions to senior devs at the company. Even if those questions perhaps seem like things you think you should know or you think they expect you to know. Don't let imposter syndrome get the best of you. If the company knows you came from a coding bootcamp, they should know that you are not the finished product and will require mentoring. Having said that, it is up to you to make sure you get that mentoring and ensure you keep on improving and building on top of what you learned at Codeup.

And Russell, what would be your advice to another company considering hiring a bootcamp grad?


Would you recommend someone hire from Codeup in particular?


In your experience, what advantages does a Codeup grad have over other junior developers?

Stan: I think one of the biggest advantages that a Codeup grad has is having Codeup in their corner. All of Codeup's resources, like contacts of potential employers, and the knowledge of what the industry is looking for and overall demands that need to be met, make getting your foot in the door much easier. You get added resume prep. You’re usually also better prepared. Collaboration experience of working on a project is another advantage a Codeup grad might have over another candidate.

Russell, same question!


What do you think sets Codeup grads apart from Computer Science majors right out of college?

Stan: Many Codeup grads have some sort of prior work and more life experience.

And Russell?


What has been the best part of your time at Lifeblue?

Stan: Getting to work on a diverse and ever challenging set of projects and do it all with a truly fantastic group of people.

Russell, what do you think has been the best part of Stan’s time at Lifeblue?


What was the best part of your time at Codeup?

Stan: The best part of Codeup was that it provided me with exactly what I hoped for and what Codeup said it could provide: the opportunity and means to attain a career as a web developer.Looks like the Codeup investment paid off! Employers investing in new developers find that the character and drive that got our alumni through Codeup is also what they like to see on the job! Four years later, it’s still paying off. For the employee, the Codeup investment has the power to not only change your career, but the trajectory of your whole life. Our partner network can get you to new towns you never would have considered, and bring you personal and professional growth opportunities you never would have thought possible. To learn more about hiring from Codeup, click here.To learn more about attending Codeup, click here.