How to Hire for the Long Haul; We've Got Your Back

April 1, 2021

We’re preaching to the choir to say that recruiting, hiring, and training employees costs companies a lot of time, energy, and money. Similarly, losing existing employees causes incalculable losses on institutional knowledge and team morale. Given that 71% of recent college grads leave their first job within their first year, modern employers face a crisis of confidence in hiring employees who are ready to commit. Fortunately, you can hire for the long haul with Codeup candidates that are ready to commit to growing in your company.

22 Months

The average tenure of Codeup graduates in their first job is 22 months (2014-2019), almost double the norm for college grads. That means that for every Codeup grad you hire and employ, you would have to hire and employ TWO college graduates, resulting in more than double your HR costs.


53% of Codeup graduates hired after graduation are STILL employed at their first company. That means for more than half of your hires, you could hire an employee who sticks with you indefinitely.


Between 2014-2021, 90% of Codeup graduates hired after graduation are still employed in their fields of study. More broadly, most people change jobs 12 times throughout their career. You could hire someone who’s about to make 3 more career hops, or you could hire someone who is 9 times out of 10 landing in their final career change.Employers face a shifting workforce with shorter tenure, more job hopping, and less company loyalty, all of which add up to increased costs and decreased performance. Why do Codeup grads differ so drastically?

  • With an average age of 29 and 5-10 years of work experience, our grads have explored, failed, succeeded, experimented, and lived. They’ve made an intentional and committed choice to pursue this field, informed by experience.
  • They’re career transitioners, which means they are looking to settle down. With families, houses, and previous careers, our grads aren’t looking to experiment; they’re looking to settle. They’re #marriagematerial, ready to make a commitment to one employer where they can grow and learn.
  • They are well equipped as professionals, not just technologists, to succeed in their roles. Bringing their military, management, and other experiences to bear, they are ready to rise through the ranks into positions like CTO, Lead Developer, and Senior Developer.

Save recruitment costs, increase employee tenure, and hire employees who want to join you for the long haul.

Curious how to get started?

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