Meet our new VP of Delivery, Marty Sixkiller!

April 12, 2021

Marty Sixkiller will be joining Codeup as the Vice President of Delivery to lead our instructional staff, program staff, and students. Codeup is a career accelerator where students transform into Full Stack Web Developers and Data Scientists. It was formed in November 2013 with a mission of empowering life change while solving meaningful problems that bring the tech community together. Learn more about Marty's experience with program development, empowerment, and leadership below!Marty comes to Codeup having served as Director of Engineering Engagement with H-E-B Digital. There, he focused his passion and energy on creating leadership and educational opportunities that allow others to build their technical and soft skills. He also managed community outreach and engagement opportunities, such as code jams and hack-a-thons, with local educational, non-profit, and diversity organizations. He is incredibly passionate about helping others discover their talents and setting up a course for success to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Prior to serving as Director of Engineering Engagement, he was the Director of the San Antonio Development Center (SADC), an internal organization at H-E-B. It served as a talent source of software engineers and primarily focused on helping entry-level college graduates build a career as a software engineer at H-E-B through an accelerated development program. While running the SADC, he recruited several graduates that were hired at H-E-B and has appeared at Codeup over the years, providing curriculum feedback as well as appearing as a guest speaker.Prior to joining H-E-B, Marty served as a Senior User Experience Manager at Rackspace for 2.5 years. He managed an engineering team responsible for several public-facing websites that allowed Rackspace customers to find assistance through self-service products. He was a part of a team that introduced 'lean startup' and agile principles to engineering groups to help influence the delivery of solid engineering solutions and experiences. Prior to joining Rackspace, he spent 24 years in the animation industry as a self-taught animator, with 17 of those years in the feature animation industry at DreamWorks Animation. Throughout his tenure, he served in various individual contributor and leadership roles from effects animator, technical director, pipeline engineer, and R&D Supervisor. He has over 20 feature-length animation film credits to his name, including the Academy Award-winning ‘Shrek’. While at DreamWorks, he discovered his passion for education, business process automation, and creating exceptional user experiences in the tools that he and his team developed for the production teams. Marty has been married to his wife, Joan, for over 18 years. He also has a son, Cole (17), who will be graduating high school this May, and a daughter, Chloe (14), who is a high school freshman. Marty enjoys flying drones, digital photography, anything creative, and scuba diving. He is very excited about joining us here at Codeup and becoming a part of the team that is changing lives all across Texas, one tech career at a time. Welcome, Marty!