Our Acquisition of the Rackspace Cloud Academy: One Year Later

April 14, 2022

Just about a year ago on April 16th, 2021 we announced our acquisition of the Rackspace Cloud Academy! For a short time after the acquisition, it was rebranded as the Codeup Cloud Academy and is now a full-time part of the Codeup brand. You can read our blog when we announced this last year by clicking here. To look back at the past year, we checked in with Marcus Benavidez and Mike Jaime who stayed with Codeup after previously working with the Rackspace Cloud Academy. We also checked in with Dimitri Antoniou who is our VP of Strategic Initiatives and helped with the merger of the two companies. We asked them questions about the current campus, and also what the future may look like at Codeup’s new “Castle” campus.

What makes Codeup’s new “Castle” campus so special?

Mike Jamie: Its history! Rackspace and former Rackers were instrumental in jumpstarting the tech industry here in San Antonio. This includes Geekdom, where Codeup was established. The Castle is where Rackspace ultimately decided to call its international headquarters. Marcus Benavidez: The campus is designed with the student experience in mind. This includes the large classrooms and facilities to match. It’s a piece of San Antonio history as it’s on the Rackspace Campus. Dimitri Antoniou: The Castle has been a staple of tech in San Antonio for years. Train new tech employees in high-growth careers like Cloud Administration from the Castle campus is an exciting extension of the legacy of Rackspace's impact on San Antonio.

What new traditions have you created at the Castle or would to start since the acquisition?

Mike: A way to implement a version of “Rookie O” across staff and cohorts. Marcus: I would love to see some kind of Alumni wall or recognition for Alumni past, present, and future.

Since it's been 1 yr since the acquisition, where do you see our Castle campus in 3, 5, or even 10 years from now?

Marcus: It will be awesome once Web Development and Data Science programs are approved on this campus. I am looking forward to the cross-pollination of technologies, students, and staff. Dimitri: Maybe we will have our own mall to ourselves one day

What advice would you give to those considering our new Cloud Administration program?

Mike: If you're looking to get your foot in the door, I think it's a no-brainer as you will be learning AWS administration, which is the most in-demand cloud computing platform. Also, the decision to focus on hands-on experience and know-how as opposed to certification exam memorization will better prepare students with practical knowledge.Marcus: Do it. The time to positively impact your life and to create change is now.Dimitri: Skills in networking, Linux, and AWS can put you on a path to so many different careers, including cybersecurity and cloud architecture. These are some of the highest growth and most exciting pathways in technology. With experienced experts like Jeremy Price and Kris Connolly to teach you, there's no better way to open doors in IT.

What programs could you see being delivered at the Castle campus in the future?

Mike: Cybersecurity again! Also Web Development and Data Science as well. Marcus: We should continue to build and offer classes that align with the market [i.e. what skills are in high demand]. Dimitri: AWS is one of 3 major cloud providers, along with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. I think it won't be long until we're training a variety of cloud careers across all major players.

The Castle has ping pong and foosball. What other indoor competitive game would you add?

Mike: Air Hockey and Shuffle BoardMarcus: Vintage Arcade games would be awesome! Dimitri: There's so much open space - I'd love to run a nerf gun or dodgeball tournament!

Join our new Cloud Administration Program

Tinkerers, computer enthusiasts, mechanics, or really anyone who likes to fix and build things will love our brand new Cloud Administration program. The foundation of skills you will learn could land you a job in Cloud Architecture, Cybersecurity, DevOps, & Solutions Engineering. You will learn new skills in just 15 weeks, and won’t break the bank like a traditional 4-year college degree. Our next class starts on 5/31. Our Castle campus includes the following perks:

  • Hands-on labs to get real-time hands-on experience
  • Live classroom instruction
  • Ping pong and foosball tables
  • Lots of comfortable seating options to break out and study or just relax
  • A large cafeteria area
  • Free Coffee, Tea, Water, and Soda
  • We also have a vending machine for additional drinks and snacks
  • Free covered parking
  • Located at Rackspace’s headquarters

If you are looking to change your career, there is no better time than now! Classes for this new program will fill up fast so don’t delay!