Introducing Our Salary Refund Guarantee

November 10, 2020

Here at Codeup, we believe it's time to revolutionize hiring. We're launching a first of its kind Salary Refund Guarantee so that employers can hire our developers with no risk and full confidence.

What’s a “No-Risk” Hire?

Codeup offers a 100% tuition refund guarantee to our students: get a job offer in-field within 6 months of graduating or we’ll refund your tuition. We’re proud of how that promise prioritizes student outcomes and holds us accountable to our core value to Deliver Excellence. But students are just one side of a two sided partnership. The ultimate customers are our employer partners that hire our grads. We love our partners - companies like USAA, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, SWBC, and Social Solutions to name a few. And while we’ve always stood by our commitment to provide them with top talent, we never codified it in the same way as our tuition refund guarantee. That’s why we’re excited to announce our newly minted Salary Refund Guarantee: if you hire a Codeup grad and let them go within their first two weeks, we’ll reimburse 100% of their payroll. THAT is a no-risk hire. We believe in our students and our process, and we’re ready to put our money where our mouth is.

$0 in placement fees + 2 week salary refund guarantee = no-risk hire

Let us de-risk the hiring process for you with a one-of-a-kind hiring Lemon Law. We have no recruitment fees, no placement fees, and we guarantee our grads with two weeks of insured pay. With a diverse pool of over 700 alumni composed of 30% military veterans, 25% women, and 50% minorities, we can curate a list of candidates that will meet your needs.

Love your next software developer, or get their salary back.

Want to revolutionize your hiring process? Contact our Placement team to learn how we can eliminate your risk and build your team.