Scholarships for Women: Why We're Doing It

August 14, 2018

A hot topic that is trending is the special treatment ladies in the tech industry receive just because their women. No one can deny there’s too few women in this field. According to a National Public Radio report, about 20 percent of all U.S. computer programmers are female. So, in order to draw the ladies in, companies within the technology industry give them incentives to engage.One way we do that is by offering a ladies only tuition scholarship. We want to them to populate the computer programming field for many reasons:

  • If tech is the future in San Antonio and the U.S., it’s wrong to omit a majority of its residents, women, from this landscape. There are 4 percent more women than men on this planet. The women make up for more than half of the population.
  • Men are bad at making products for women. We’ve participated as mentors for 3 Day Startup San Antonio, and there were countless times when the participating teams, consisting of all men, proposed some product they were certain women would want. When they asked women about their need or want for said product, the ladies responded “heck no.”
  • All-male environments are more likely to devolve into groupthink and locker room behavior. For a period of time, Geekdom had this problem. They’ve worked to enhance a welcoming vibe for women, and their community is better because of it.
  • Finally, groups of men smell bad. It’s a small thing, but a definite reality. Put a half dozen men in a closed office and things go very badly, very quickly. Women fortunately, smell good, so having them work in a tech office with an open floor plan is a good thing.