Screening candidates just got easier - and more fun!

February 22, 2021

In the magical time of "before COVID," Codeup hosted Developer Days to introduce hiring managers to new talent through an in-person project showcase. Employers scoped out their top picks, conducted lightning round interviews, and set up next steps with candidates. Since going remote, however, we’ve seen a lot of companies struggle to mirror that type of engagement with the monotony of Zoom calls and resume reviews. So, we changed the game to make screening candidates easier and more fun with Developer Launch!

Screening candidates with Developer Launch

Developer Launch mirrors an album drop, where you get teasers of what’s to come, sign up for early access, and then hit play. Except instead of a new Taylor Swift record, you're screening 20-30 qualified, diverse, and free-to-hire candidates in under an hour. Just hit “play” and you’ll see:

  • 1. Developer introductions (90 seconds each) - who am I, why did I become a software developer, and how can I leverage my professional background for your company?
  • 2. Capstone music videos (2.5 minutes each) - that’s right, music videos. Say goodbye to boring lectures and project walkthroughs, and say hello to dynamic videos that showcase project features, design, and tech stacks with engaging music and visuals.

Why did we make this drastic change? We listened to you, hiring managers, who told us:

  • We want to meet the people behind the project, understand what makes each candidate unique, and experience their passion.
  • We're tired of screening candidates over Zoom!
  • We can rehearse the script of a bootcamp grad ourselves: “My name is blah blah and with my teammates blah blah we built a full-stack web application using blah blah. Here’s how you log in, here’s how you access your profile, here’s how you edit, save, and delete.” Boring.

How to hire in 3 easy steps

What does this mean for you as a hiring manager? Most importantly, easier screening and hiring! Use Developer Launch to follow these 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Screen 3-4 candidates for personality, professional background, and passion in under 10 minutes.
  • 2. Demo a sample full-stack project in less than 3 minutes.
  • 3. Finally, contact us ( with your top picks so we can facilitate introductions and interviews.

It’s that easy: screen, demo, and contact. Start the process with our first Developer Launch at! Want to sign up for early access to our next one? Follow us on LinkedIn for teasers!