The Codeup Commitment to Your Financial Well-Being

August 14, 2018

The Codeup Commitment to Your Financial Well-Being

We’ve all seen the infomercials. Schools like ITT Tech and Career Point College have been peddling expensive, low-ROI degree programs for years. Students take out a loan to cover costs, only to discover that the school’s career services department doesn’t measure up. They graduate with few job prospects and lots of debt.Recently, regulators have shut down those schools because they’ve failed to put students’ interests above their own.

Codeup is different.

We care about your finances, and we believe you’ll be a more engaged Codeup student and a better developer when you minimize your financial burdens. Our staff wants to help you do just that, so here’s our commitment to you:

We only encourage students to enroll at Codeup when they're financially ready to do so. Then, if you don't find a job within six months of completing the program, we'll refund your tuition.

It’s that simple, and because we love transparency, here’s how we ensure our team always puts your financial well-being at top of mind:A fair and selective admissions process. Codeup pre-screens applicants for qualities we see in successful software developers, like problem-solving ability and motivation. Unlike other schools, we’re okay turning away students who might be better off in another career. People from all walks of life can become great coders, but we want to be sure your investment of time and money will result in a better career.Easy-to-understand funding options from reputable partners. As of this writing, Codeup is the only accelerated coding school in the South to accept G.I. Bill® benefits. Here’s a full list of ways to fund your Codeup experience:

An employer network based on relationships, not kickbacks. Employers fulfill their talent needs with us because they know the quality they get with a Codeup developer. Our career development team has one goal: Get our students into great jobs. We don’t charge employers for our services, and we don’t receive any commission for successful hires.

Life’s too short for a misguided career decision.

We’re committed to helping people become stellar coders, but we have a conscience, and we don’t accept students for the sake of filling seats in our classrooms. Come learn to code from people who care.Nothing makes us happier than fielding questions from prospective students. Are you unsure if Codeup is right for you? Do you want to become a software developer, but you’re not sure how you’ll pay rent in the meantime? Give us a call (210.802.7289), shoot us an email (, or fill out our quick application, and we’ll be in touch shortly.