Top Trends and Tools for Recruiters in the Tech Industry

August 14, 2018

Top Trends and Tools for Recruiters in the Tech Industry

By Taylor McKinneyRecruiting new talent is never an easy task. But within the tech industry, it's even more tricky—you want candidates with sharp skills and competitive experience, but also those who can make room to grow and adapt to new changes. The methods you use to recruit will directly influence who you attract, so you’ll need to get innovative with your strategies if you want the best. Here are the top innovative measures being used in recruiting for the tech industry today.

Assessing Coding Skills

A candidate with formal coding education is a must. A candidate with years of workplace experience is even better. But neither will necessarily guarantee you're getting the best developer or programmer possible. That's where coding assessments come in. This skill-based method makes the recruitment easier by relying on hard data, which reduces unnecessary decision making and possible bias. It's the closest you'll get to knowing exactly how capable a candidate is, and exactly how they'll perform, logistically speaking, for your business.

Chatbot Interviews

The interview process can be timely and even expensive, especially if you're hoping to attract global or out-of-town candidates. Whether you use it for the interview itself or just the pre-screening process, a virtual session makes more efficient use of the selection process, both in time, money, and convenience. Try Google Hangouts or Skype for a free method, or check out a software review site for the best video interview software available.

More Efficient Applicant Tracking

These systems are known for being cumbersome and, ironically, even inefficient because they’re so often hard to use or even used incorrectly. The good news is that these systems are simplifying their programs with the help of AI and rebranding themselves as "candidate relationship management software". Employers can now count on these programs to correctly track all potentials without error, as well as recommend new qualified candidates.

A New Way of Interviewing

The standard “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question-and-answer interviews aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but they probably won’t land you any innovative hires. That’s why they’ve begun to fall by the wayside, especially in the tech world.While the core questions are still important, tech companies are now rebranding their strategies to shake things up a bit and make room for assessing soft skills and personality—the areas in which traditional interviews fall short.For example, the NFL susses out potential candidates by using Wonderlic, an online personality test that assesses emotional intelligence, determination, and overall demeanor. Companies are also ditching conformity by trying out unconventional meeting places like a coffee shop or cafe. It's all about getting to know a candidate better in a more dimensional way, and these new tools and methods are a way to get to know a truer sense of a person overall.And what about helping out with the time-consuming task of recruiting? Here are some of TrustRadius's Top Rated recruiting software for 2018, which help streamline the recruitment process of searching for, attracting, interviewing, and onboarding new personnel.Oracle HCM CloudTrustRadius Score: 7.7 out of 10Best suited for large companies with many employees, a considerable budget, and complex needs. Users like the quick and efficient support, rich interface and frequent updates of this talent management suiteSmartRecruitersTrustRadius Score: 7.8 out of 10Users like that it's intuitive and user friendly, even for those not so tech-savvy. One user says "it allows me to prescreen applicants without going through the interview process. I receive an email anytime there is a potential candidate to review."JobDiva(8.6 out of 10)TrustRadius Score: 8.6 out of 10Fans of JobDiva appreciate its simple integration with external tools, convenient support, customizable features, and mass emails, which allow users to contact multiple qualified candidates all at once. One user says that JobDiva "allows me to prescreen applicants without going through the interview process. I receive an email anytime there is a potential candidate to review."--This is the first of a new Codeup blog series which will feature guest articles related to software and technology.Taylor McKinney is an Marketing Specialist atTrustRadius, which has become the most trusted website for B2B software reviews. When she is not writing about the latest tools and small business trends she is enjoying Austin’s beautiful scenery with her family.