How Codeup Alumni Helped Dallas Youth Fight COVID-19

October 16, 2020

Three of our Web Development alumni from Dallas, Rex Sutton, Ry Sutton, and Ronnel Palencia, worked with the Dallas Office of Innovation to build and deploy a full-stack application for its COVID-19 Data Challenge! To check out this beautiful project, click here. In July 2020, Rex, Ry, and Ron were part of the first class to graduate from Codeup’s Dallas campus. This application, to fight COVID-19, went live in mid September 2020, and the challenge ended in October 2020.The COVID-19 Data Challenge is a competition for students in grades 6 through 12 to use their analytical and/or coding skills using real COVID data sets. The students attempt to deliver real insights into how COVID is impacting local youth in Dallas.“This partnership between the City of Dallas, Dallas County, DISD and other organizations invites students to join the international role that data is playing to fight back against the novel coronavirus Covid-19. By participating in the challenge, students will be able to better understand the virus themselves and share their learnings with their peers to build awareness.” - Office of Innovation, Dallas, TXUsing web development skills to get kids involved in data? What an admirable project by our alumni! There are many Data Challenges, Datathons, and Hackathons happening all the time, with many different themes, for many different audiences! If you’re interested in competing in one, Google it to see what interests you! If you’d one day like to create the platform for one, apply for our Web Development program here!