Free JavaScript Workshop at Codeup Dallas on 6/28

June 19, 2022

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Event Info:

Location - Codeup Dallas

Time - 6 pm

Come Learn JavaScript

Join us for our live in-person JavaScript crash course, where we will dig into one of the fastest-growing languages in the software development industry. It’s free and open to all - you don’t need to have any previous programming knowledge to participate.

By the end of the presentation, you will:

  • Have a good understanding of what programming means
  • Know what JavaScript is and how it’s used
  • The best part: we will get our hands dirty writing some JavaScript.

Don’t worry...we’ll walk you through every step. Come learn to code live with our very own instructor staff. Maybe this will be your jumpstart into an exciting and in-demand career...for FREE!


You can park inside our gragae at our building! Just take a ticket. Once our workshop is over you can stop by the security desk and they will validate your parking for you.

Must be 18+ to participate.

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