VET TEC Funding Now Available For Dallas Veterans

January 7, 2022

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We are so happy to announce that VET TEC benefits are now available to be used at our campus located in Dallas, TX! Our next Dallas start date for our web development program is January 31st, 2022!

You don't want to delay your application as this type of funding is limited. Apply now here for our web development program and note you are interested in using VET TEC.



We're hosting a VET TECH workshop next Wednesday evening at our Dallas Campus to discuss everything about this new funding option for our Dallas Veterans.

We're one of the few coding bootcamps in Dallas approved for the use of VET TEC funding, so this workshop will go over why Codeup is the best place to use your benefits and help launch your career in tech once you're out of the military.

Details about the event and the link to grab your free tickets can be found here.

The VET TEC program details and eligibility requirements are listed below. You can also visit our VET TEC program page here.


What is VET TEC?

VET TEC, which stands for Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses, is a program through the VA that matches career accelerators like Codeup with veterans looking to gain high-tech skills. Programs like Codeup will help you build the skills you need to become, for example, a Web Developer, while the VA helps you to pay for the tuition.


Are you eligible to use VET TEC funding?

To qualify for VET TEC, you must:

1. Not be on active duty or are within 180 days of separating from active duty
2. Qualify for VA Education Assistance under the GI Bill
3. Have at least one day of unexpired GI Bill® entitlement


When is VET TEC funding available?

VET TEC renews its funding on an annual cycle in October.

IMPORTANT: Funds run out very quickly each year. If you’re interested in using VET TEC, we recommend applying immediately and going through our admissions process as quickly as possible. That way, you’ll be accepted early and we can certify your enrollment as soon as VET TEC funding becomes available from the VA.

Don't delay your access to VET TEC funding and apply today!