What Jobs Can You Get After a Coding Bootcamp? Part 2: Cloud Administration

July 14, 2022

Have you been considering a career in Cloud Administration, but have no idea what your job title or potential salary could be? Continue reading below to find out!In this mini-series, we will take each of our programs here at Codeup: Data Science, Web Development, and Cloud Administration, and outline respectively potential job titles, as well as entry-level salaries.* Let’s discuss Cloud Administration.

Program Overview

At Codeup, we offer a 15-week Cloud Administration program, which was derived from our previous two programs: Systems Engineering and Cyber Cloud. We combined the best of both and blended hands-on practical knowledge with skilled instructors to create the Cloud Administration program.Upon completing this program, you’ll have the opportunity to take on two exams for certifications: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

Potential Jobs

According to A Cloud Guru, with an AWS Certification you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and experience to secure a job as the following:

1. Cloud Architect

As a Cloud Architect, you will double as an IT specialist responsible for your organization’s cloud infrastructure. This includes system monitoring, computing strategy, planning, building and deployment. An entry-level Cloud Architect can make an estimated $93,892 annually according to Glassdoor.

2. Cloud Developer

A Cloud Developer’s main duties align with a software developer’s. The differentiating factor is a Cloud Developer operates virtually with cloud computing technology. This may include the design, analysis and maintenance of a company’s cloud infrastructure. An entry-level Cloud Developer can make an estimated $89,652 annually according to Glassdoor.

3. Cloud Systems Administrator

A Cloud Systems Administrator can be expected to provide insight on cloud systems, specifically working with IT to provide assistance and resolve operational issues. An entry-level Cloud Systems Administrator can make an estimated $64,805 annually according to Glassdoor.Honorable MentionA few additional roles to consider with AWS Certification include:

  • Cloud DevOps Engineer- Estimated Entry-Level Salary $88,563
  • Cloud Security Engineer- Estimated Entry-Level Salary $85,111
  • Cloud Data Architect- Estimated Entry-Level Salary $91,598
  • Cloud Consultant- Estimated Entry-Level Salary $72,474

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*Disclaimer: All information presented in this article is by no means guaranteed by completing a Codeup program. Salaries and duties vary based on factors such as company, location, and experience. These salaries are estimates based on San Antonio, TX data, and these duties are general and may not be exact for every position.