Veterans get more with their GI-Bill eligible bootcamp training at Codeup

January 1, 1970

After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Crowder worked in the service industry for over 15 years until he decided it was time for a career change. He originally thought about going back to college but instead, sought out Codeup to learn software development.“If you can handle the stresses of military service, you can definitely handle Codeup,” Crowder likes to tell prospective students.We offer accelerated programs in San Antonio and Dallas to help you launch your tech career. No previous experience is needed to participate in any of Codeup's accelerator programs, all of which are GI Bill eligible.Apply to Codeup's Full Stack Web Development bootcamp to learn how to create an app or website from start to finish using today's coding languages. You can become a full-stack web developer in just 20 weeks and understand all the technical skills you need to get hired as a web developer. Apply to Codeup's Cloud Administration bootcamp if you're up for problem-solving in information technology and want to be hired as a systems engineer. You'll begin with a foundation in Networking and Linux fundamentals and advance to working with the building blocks of technology in this 13-week accelerator.Apply to Codeup's Data Science bootcamp if you'd like to be a data scientist who’s hired in one of the most needed jobs in tech. You'll gather data, clean it, explore it for trends, and apply machine learning models to make predictions and turn your insights into actionable recommendations. In 22 weeks, you'll gain the technical skills to become a data scientist with projects to show in your portfolio. Once you've completed your coursework, our Codeup professional development and placement team will:

  • Send you job opportunities
  • Help build your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Provide career coaching
  • Help you polish your cover letters
  • Practice mock interviews with you

This professional development support is an ongoing part of our curriculum, which continues even after graduation. Codeup's job guarantee also means you'll get hired within six months of graduating or receive a refund of 100% of your tuition. Can I use VA Benefits to pay for my Codeup bootcamp? The short answer is yes — Codeup is a VA-approved workforce training provider, and all our bootcamps are GI Bill eligible. Codeup will work with you to use your VA benefits as a form of tuition payment. VA benefits accepted at Codeup include VET TEC, GI Bill, Post-9/11 or Chapter 33 GI Bill, Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP), and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. A big plus—your dependents can also use your VA benefits for a GI Bill eligible bootcamp program at Codeup.Because Codeup is an accelerated, full-time program, our bootcamps will use 12.5 months of VA benefits for workforce training. When reviewing benefits, veterans should look for their remaining months of eligibility, benefit level, delimiting date, and type of benefit.Before activating any VA benefits, start by working with Codeup's admissions team. Codeup will need your transcripts, copies of your DD-214 or NOBE, current address and contact information, an intent to enroll form, and a copy of your certificate of eligibility for benefits.More information is available at the Bexar County Veterans Service Office, online, or through their student helpline (888-442-4551).Does Codeup offer any financial aid or scholarships to veterans?You may be eligible for financial aid in the form of a scholarship if you're a veteran or a dependent of a veteran enrolling in a Codeup program. Available to both veterans and their dependents, applicants must show proof of service to qualify. Codeup scholarships for veterans are:

  • Awarded based on need and merit
  • Deducted from your overall tuition cost
  • Used along with VA benefits (but only if your benefits do not cover the entire cost)

For more information on Codeup's GI Bill eligible bootcamp programs, reach out to one of our admissions specialists for more details or call us at 210-802-7289.