Coding Bootcamp or Self-Learning? Which is Best for You?

January 20, 2023

If you’re interested in embarking on a career in tech, it is likely that you have taken a look into two learning paths: self-learning vs. coding bootcamps. But what are the differences?


Many online institutions offer self-learning courses. This is becoming increasingly popular as students are becoming more aware of their individual learning styles, and value flexibility and self-paced programs.

Advantages of Self-Learning

  • You can form your instruction at times that best suit your needs and lifestyle
  • You can purse your new path from the comfort of your home if you choose!
  • There are many self-learning courses that offer flexible payment options

Disadvantages of Self-Learning

  • Working alone can sometimes lead to a lack of motivation, requiring a great deal of strictness to remain on track
  • There are no peers or instructors physically present to study with or ask questions

Traditional Coding Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps have a reputation for being the accelerated path to launching a career in tech. This tends to work best for students that thrive off of structured learning, with a support team to assist throughout the process.

Advantages of Coding Bootcamps

  • Bootcamps are typically instructor-led meaning you have access to industry experts throughout your program to help you fully understand the material
  • You and your peers will more than likely need to complete a project together before the end of your course. This will aid in forming connections with the next group of individuals to enter the tech industry (which is great for networking!)
  • To employers, completing a program through a coding bootcamp looks phenomenal! This demonstrates your ability to commit to something complex and learn quickly.

Disadvantages of Coding Bootcamps

  • Every piece of information covered in a coding bootcamp’s curriculum may not be imperative to your new role. A top goal of a bootcamp is to lay a good foundation for many possible careers. This means that if the curriculum covers pieces you may already know, or that do not exactly pertain to you, you will still need to be actively involved in the lessons.
  • If you are someone who prefers to spend a lot of time absorbing information, you may not be given the opportunity to do so, given that a bootcamp has a structured curriculum with time frames for each topic.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but selecting which path is the correct choice for you should be based on your learning style and life circumstances.


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