Do Coding Bootcamps Help You Get a Job?

March 16, 2021

Wondering how or if coding bootcamps help you get a job? We can’t speak for the other guys, but at Codeup, our job isn’t done until you have yours. To see how many of our students actually get hired and what their salaries look like, click here. Rest assured that if you don’t get hired within 6 months of graduating, you will get your tuition back. How is this possible? Besides a top-notch curriculum and expert instruction, each student undergoes professional development and has a full team working to get them hired. Keep reading to learn how this coding bootcamp helps you get a job!

Career Coaching and Professional Development

Ever tried career coaching? Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Launching a new career takes more than skill. You gotta have what it takes to get yourself seen and nail your interviews. Between our various professional development staff, each student will receive about 10 hours of individual coaching. Beyond that, you can set up as many 1 on 1 sessions with our Career Coaches as you want. You’ll have workshops and deliverables, both in the program and post-grad. We'll personally review your resume and LinkedIn, and you’ll learn about the expectations of you as a professional and how to meet them. We’ll even help you nail your first impression with mock technical and behavioral interviews. Keep in mind, we don’t do it all for you! We give you the tools and coaching, but you will be the one applying for jobs and implementing what you’ve learned. This isn’t your optional career help desk or a one-and-done session. This is an ongoing, baked-in part of the curriculum! You’ll come out of Codeup as a true tech professional.

Your Own Team of Recruiters

The career guidance doesn’t end there! Imagine having a whole team of recruiters sending you applications, setting up interviews, proof-reading your cover letters, and coordinating your job search. Add to that the accountability it comes with. It’s like having a coach telling you what you need to do every day to get results, and how to learn from past mistakes. On top of that, you get to leverage our employer network of companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, Oracle, and Whole Foods. We are constantly forming new connections with employers to grow our network, thereby growing your network, as well as nurturing long-lasting partnerships.

Showcasing You to Our Network

How else do coding bootcamps help you get a job? Through Codeup, hiring managers will see your face on our emails, social media, Youtube, your own dedicated page on our website, and a highlight of your final capstone project. Rather than sending a resume out into the ether and never knowing if anyone saw it, you can be certain that we're showcasing you to every audience that we have. We even leverage our partners’ networks with similar marketing materials to help us reach new audiences. That is a lot of value!

We’ll Continue to Have Your Back

If you aren’t hired right after graduation, we will not leave you by the wayside. If it takes 6 months to find a job, that is how long your team of recruiters will work with you. When your skills are rusty and you’re just not getting those technical interviews, our Technical Career Coach will work with you even after graduation. If you don’t get a job within 6 months of graduating, you will get your money back. That peace of mind: priceless.Ready to take on your job search with us? Learn to code, get hired, or your money back! Apply now, or give us a call to learn more: (210) 802-7289!