Your Education is an Investment

August 17, 2020

You have many options regarding educational routes to your desired career path, so why choose Codeup? That’s something only you can decide when it comes to your investment in your education. Some people love that it’s 10x faster than a college degree, others love that you’ll graduate with more projects and experience than many college graduates. Maybe for you, our job placement services, where we help you perfect your resume, LinkedIn, and interview skills, with a whole team dedicated to finding you a job, is worth the $27,500 tuition for Web Development, or $29,500 for Data Science. Or maybe you’ll love the Codeup community, with staff always willing to help you, alumni always willing to mentor you, and even after you graduate, you will continue to see support from Codeup in the form of continuing job placement assistance, events, newsletters, supportive Slack channels, and social media sharing of your coolest projects.Clearly, there are lots of pros to investing in Codeup! There are also potential cons to other routes, such as missed opportunity cost, learning fewer skills across a longer time span, and missing out on work experience while spending more time in another institution. However, what you deem a “pro” and a “con” may look different, and what exactly you prioritize when thinking about large investments will also differ. To get some assistance on how to navigate whether or not Codeup is worth the investment to you, specifically, and to see how Codeup stacks up against other options, please download our PDF: “Education Finance 101: Think of your education as an investment” where we’ll walk you step-by-step through how to measure the return on investment of various educational routes. Calculate for yourself if Codeup is worth it! Over 700 alumni thought so.[embed][/embed]Have questions? Reach out!