Skills Fund: Financing to Fuel Your Codeup Future

September 17, 2018

Editor's Note (March 2021): Skills Fund is now Ascent Funding! Learn more about our partners at Ascent, here.Picture this: You’re making a change. You’ve made a life-changing decision to attend Codeup in order to switch up your career or jumpstart your skills. You’re on your way to a transformed life – with just one barrier in the way: paying for your Codeup tuition and cost of living.Codeup is focused on two things: you and your success. Their curriculum is designed by experts and regional employers, the coursework is taught by the best instructors around, and they have a track record of successful graduates.Skills Fund is focused on two things: you and your success. Take what you’ve heard about or experienced with student loans, and throw it out the window. Whether you’ve proudly served our country and you’re ready to enter the workforce, you’re just starting your career, looking for a career switch, or upskilling, we’re providing a return on education by only partnering with bootcamps and schools that provide impactful, proveable outcomes to their students.

“Tuition is the number one concern that applicants have coming into Codeup, and having a trusted lending partner like Skills Fund to direct them to is extremely beneficial. As an Admissions Manager, I am confident that Skills Fund is providing a great experience to our students and offering a great product to help them cover their tuition costs.”-Mario, Codeup Admissions Manager

What does this mean? We’ve partnered with Codeup to provide clear-cut, fully upfront, and transparent financing for tuition and living expenses. Eligible students may borrow up to $21,500 for tuition and $6,000 for cost of living.But – a student loan? We get it. Traditionally, loans have been confusing – and unnecessarily so. We’re on a mission to be transparent, up-front, and honest about all the terms involved with our financing. We’re the only lender that provides all details of your financing before you even apply. Students may discover their rate (interest rate + general APR) and monthly repayment amount using our loan calculator on our partnership website.How will I repay? While you’re attending Codeup and for two months of grace afterwards, you’ll make low, interest-only payments towards your loan balance. After your grace period ends, you’ll begin full repayments. We’re betting on your future, so there should be no strings attached: you can pay your loan off at any time with no prepayment penalties.How does it work? The simple process takes just four steps.

  1. After you’ve applied to Codeup, head to the Skills Fund partnership website to discover your terms, calculate your monthly repayment, and apply for a loan online in less than 10 minutes. Choose from a 3- or 5-year loan, and add on cost of living financing if needed.
  2. At the end of the application, we’ll let you know whether or not you’ve been approved. If you’re denied, you may be given the opportunity to add a cosigner.
  3. On the second Wednesday after your program begins, your tuition financing is sent to the school and your cost of living is sent directly to you.
  4. You’ll start making payments one month after your loan is disbursed. You’ll be provided with several options for making payments, including AutoPay.

What if I have most of my tuition covered, and only need to borrow a small amount to attend? With Skills Fund, you can borrow as little as $2,000 towards your tuition. You can calculate your monthly repayment online to understand what you would need to contribute to your financing per month.What if I have a low credit score? Skills Fund believes in you and your future, and that is reflected in our underwriting. If you’re credit denied, you may be eligible to apply again with a cosigner.To learn more about Skills Fund financing for Codeup, visit our partnership website or email us at CustomerTrust@Skills.Fund.LEARN MORE