Tips for Women Beginning a Career in Tech

September 23, 2022

Codeup strongly values diversity, and inclusion. In honor of American Business Women’s Day, we’d like to share eight tips and pieces of advice from Codeup’s women in tech for women looking to begin their careers in tech!

  1. “Be confident in what you're saying. If you're speaking it's because you have something to say.”
  2. “Don't over apologize (I do this way too often).”
  3. “Be open and willing to speak up to your colleagues on how they can be supportive to everyone in the environment.”
  4. “Band with other women to support each other on y'alls journey.”
  5. “Find a mentor (and don't limit yourself to just women mentors, as there aren't many out there). A mentor can help you establish your career goals, navigate your journey, provide emotional support or motivation, and ultimately help you succeed.”
  6. “Do not dismiss or shrug off "humor." Call out racist, sexist, ableist, etc., comments. Stop letting work colleagues get away with bad behavior. Do this quickly, so it isn't something that continues to happen.”
  7. “Don't be afraid to ask questions. The other three guys that were hired at the same time as I was NEVER asked any questions, but it turns out they were just as lost as I was. Once I started asking questions in our training meetings, they all started asking away as well! I thought they all understood what was going on, and being the only female in the group, I didn't want to stick out. This had been holding me back. Instead of being afraid that you will come off as "not getting it", you will instead hear "That's a really good question!" or "I'm glad you asked that!".”
  8. “We belong here. Remind yourself of that when you doubt yourself. Because you will. I did. But I belong. And you do, too. So say it like a mantra - I belong here. And believe it.”

Codeup works hard to close the gender inequality gap, and to diversify the tech world by producing a unique blend of tech talent. We also offer a Women in Tech scholarship open to anyone who identifies as a woman. Our goal is to make a career in tech accessible to all.Join us on our journey of empowering women in tech today! Apply or request more information on our programs to jumpstart your career in tech.