Why a Recent Grad Should do Codeup

August 14, 2018

Why a Recent Grad Should do Codeup

Our newest hire, Rafa, has recently finished his third year in college, studying Computer Science. He came on our team because he is interested in entrepreneurship and our instruction methods and he believes that our environment is a great place to learn how to code.He wrote a guest blog to discuss why a recent grad should do Codeup:

Codeup is a comprehensive programming bootcamp teaching non-programmers web development. Anybody who is interested in web development stands to learn and practice a great deal of skills during the course.

Personally, I have recently completed my junior year at Arizona State University, where I am majoring in Computer Science. In the classroom, I have learned a lot about all the different types of sorts, running times, different software architectures, and so on. However, what I have not learned is how to effectively develop a web application. This is where the knowledge gained during college studies differs from the knowledge gained during the Codeup course.

Codeup teaches people how to develop a web application and everything that this entails. Additionally, the teacher to student ratio at Codeup is vastly improved over the teacher to student ratio at many schools. Codeup has 2 or 3 instructors for 28 students, whereas in college courses where there is only 1 teacher and a few teacher assistants for a 70 plus person class. At Codeup, the focus is on the students instead of on the school football team, meaning that the curriculum is based on the performance of the students, and it is designed to push them further. The environment at Codeup is great in which to learn how to code.

Additionally, the Codeup course teaches the students a variety of professional skills with the purpose of helping the students get hired after the course. The Codeup team is so confident in the course that they offer a job guarantee. If a student does not receive a good job offer within 6 months of completing the course, the course tuition will be refunded. The idea is that if students cannot succeed after the class, Codeup does not succeed, so they work hard to make certain students can find employment at great businesses.

If you have graduated from college recently, with or without a CS degree but do not feel like you currently have a market-ready skillset, then Codeup is definitely something that you should take a look at. At the end of the course, you will be able to fully develop a web application. This, in combination with the variety of professional skills learned throughout the course, will make you an attractive employee to a wide variety of companies.

Thank you, Rafa, for writing this blog. Want to take his advice? Apply now, be a developer in 6 months!