Why You Need the Best Coding Bootcamp Instructors

May 21, 2021

One of the many reasons students love Codeup is our focus on people. With live interaction every day, the best coding bootcamp instructors empower each student to change their life. Many try learning a new skill with free modules or self-paced courses to save money, but when you lack that human guidance, what happens when you don’t know what to learn next? What happens when you need more explaining or can’t figure out what you did wrong? What if you lose motivation and start to give up? Live, expert, personalized instruction is what will get you through the hard times and to a new career.

What You Need

If you’re serious about changing careers, you gotta have a good instructor. It needs to be a live, responsive instructor with industry experience, that knows how to teach you what you need to know. You’ll need a curriculum that will actually get you your desired job, based on hands-on practice and skill-building rather than theory. It should cover the entire data science pipeline or app development process to prepare you for the work you will do in-field. The classroom size must be small enough so that you get the individualized attention you deserve. Instructors need to be as invested as you are in setting you up for a successful career and motivate you if you start to give up.

Where To Find Them

Luckily, you can find the best of the best instructors at Codeup. They range in industry experience from entry-level to senior-level. However, even those that are more entry-level may be senior-level educators or senior-level in a particular topic of the curriculum. With a diverse staff of instructors that all shine in different areas of expertise, you’ll have a built-out team that can provide the most value and mentorship to you. Better a full team of experts than a jack of all trades but master of none.

Your Personal Mentors

Not only will you have expert instructors, but they also really care about you. In college, professors often don’t provide individualized attention, hands-on learning, or accountability. At other bootcamps, you won’t find the same quality of instructors with industry experience, subject matter expertise, and live, interactive lecture and lab. However, Codeup instructors are like personal mentors. They lecture and take questions in real-time. Instead of giving you an answer, they will guide you in the right direction until you understand it yourself. They are all responsive and engaging, with a commitment to your success and a mission of empowering life change.

Feel ready to make a career change with a team of mentors to help guide you through it? Your mentor instructors will make sure you understand everything, are there when you reach a roadblock, and will keep you accountable to your learning with project-based assignments on a curriculum inspired by employers. Apply now, or get a preview at one of our free workshops taught live by Codeup instructors!