7 Signs You Should do a Programming Bootcamp

August 14, 2018

7 Signs You Should do a Programming Bootcamp

Is a Programming Bootcamp For You?

There is little wonder why the tech industry is booming; computers are everywhere, and developers are frantically writing code to make them work for us. There are plenty of tech jobs out there for people to get, but not everyone has the skills necessary to be successful in the tech industry. Where are the best places to learn those skills? Programming bootcamps, of course! But before you click the apply button (right here), make sure that you fit these 7 signs you should do a programming bootcamp.

Looking for a career change

You are bored at work; you stopped caring about meeting quotas ages ago; you are jealous of other people in different industries. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life doing something you dislike, working with people you hate, and earning a salary that grows slower than inflation? You need a career change, and a programming bootcamp can you get you into a career faster than going to a 4-year university or getting an expensive master degree.

How to computer?

Computers fascinate you. You have always wondered how they work; you use them every day, and you are always wondering, “How did they make it work so well for me?” You always know what apps to download and how to use productivity software. You need to understand how the technology works to start building new apps.

Love to learn

Finding out about new things gets you excited. You love sharing your new knowledge with others, and you are excited when you can implement new knowledge into something. Learning how to program is a lifetime learning experience. You will more than likely learn new languages as time goes on and technologies improve. Once you understand the basics of programming, picking up a new language is simple. What is even better is that the learning that you do can directly translate to making more money.

You are a problem solver

You see something wrong, and you have a strong inclination to fix it. There are things out there that make you mad, and you want to see them changed. You are the type of person who always says, “Yeah, but it can be done better” then you need to be a programmer. You can solve real world problems and make life more efficient for thousands if not millions of people. All it takes is the skills to build a software solution to solve a problem and a problem that makes you angry. Get mad, get solving.

You want to feel valued

You work long hours, and no one seems to care; You feel like people dismiss you because you are “lower level,” and you want to be heard because you have ideas that can help others at work, but no one wants to give you a chance to speak. A lot of us have been there. As a developer, you are the one pulling the strings; you design the software, build it, and then implement it in the way you see fit. If something does not work out, you can fix it immediately because you understand coding and how computers work. People will value you for your skill set because not everyone knows how to build software. The community itself is always willing to listen to new ideas because we all depend on each other to build tools and help each other out move to the next level.

You want to work for yourself

Ideas are the same as mouths; Everyone has one, and they can be big or small, depending on who you are and how much you love to talk. The difference between people who have a great idea and the people to execute on their ideas is the gumption to execute. If you have ideas you think people will want to buy in to, then there is no reason why you could not start a company and begin to work for yourself. You can also work as a freelance developer charge a high hourly rate. Consulting? You can do that, too! All it takes is the skills you learn from a programming bootcamp.

You like it when people use stuff you have built

At the very least, you are the type of person who is happy when you see someone enjoy something you have built. Whether it is a bird feeder, a house, an event, a dress, or a nice dinner, you develop a great sense of pride when you see people use or enjoy something you have created. Being a programmer is the same thing; you can build software that people can use, and in many ways, it cane make their lives better.Just a reminder, that button you should click to apply for a programming bootcamp is right here. If you fit these 7 signs, I think it is high-time for you to click it.