Learning to Code vs Learning to Build

August 14, 2018

In creating Codeup, we interviewed a lot of people, and we discovered an ugly truth: there are tons of ways out there to learn to code. However, there are few that would teach you how to apply your newfound knowledge. People would tell us: "I went through Codeacademy or a CS program at college and I can't make anything."As we talked to employers, we confirmed this ugly truth: tons of people can "code" but few can actually build anything. Why, we asked, do employers only want to hire people with 3+ years experience? That's because classical education opportunities are clearly not teaching people how to build real stuff.So, for Codeup, we built a program designed not to teach people "how to code" but instead "how to build." At each stage of the course, the emphasis is on building stuff: a blog using framework, a jQuery game, command line applications, and then a Capstone Project that is representative of a real-world, production application.If you want to be employable, learn to build stuff using code. That's what we're all about.