What Developers Need to Have for their Online Presence

August 14, 2018

We want to get our students hired. In order to do so, we have had two to three guest speakers each week come in and talk about their experiences in finding work, working for different companies, working for themselves, how to find work, how to interview, how to give public presentation, etc. We have given our students a wealth of information when it comes to finding a job and what to expect in those jobs. We have also put some stress on their online presence, which is important in this day and age because so much information about us is available online. In order for employers to take them seriously, we have been coaching them on how to optimize their online presence.In doing so, we came up with a checklist of things to look for when optimizing one's online presence:

[ ] You have plenty of detail in your LinkedIn profile. What have you done? What measurable benefit has it provided?(Example of a great LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdstraughan; another one: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardortega) Find some things in your past and make therm sound good![ ] You have and use an active Twitter account.[ ] Your Twitter profile has a link to your website and says that you're actively seeking employment.[ ] You have no gaps in your timeline in LinkedIn.[ ] Your LinkedIn has a summary that includes prominently that you're looking for employment.[ ] Your LinkedIn title is "Web Developer” or “Full-stack Web Developer."[ ] You have a personal website + blog with your resume on it.[ ] You have written or will write several blog entries.[ ] You have a professional photograph on your LinkedIn and Github.[ ] Your LinkedIn has no typographical or spelling errors.[ ] Your LinkedIn has the opportunities wanted section completed.[ ] You should update your LinkedIn weekly while searching for a job. It moves you to the top of the list.[ ] Your capstone project has a README with installation instructions.[ ] Your github has no misspellings.Hopefully, this list helps you better understand what is necessary to have a great online presence, one that will help you get hired by a great company. For more help becoming a developer and getting hired as one (or your money back), apply for our Web Development program!Good luck out there!