What Makes a Successful Software Developer?

August 14, 2018

What Makes a Successful Software Developer?

4 questions to ask yourself when considering a career as a Software Developer.

Written by Dimitri AntoniouSoftware developers build the programs, games, and apps that run on your computer, cell-phone, tablet, video-game system or e-reader. A software developer can be front-end, back-end or full stack.Successful software developers come from diverse backgrounds and a variety of industries. Here at Codeup, our job is to advance existing careers and launch new ones. That means we’ve seen it all. We’ve learned that being a successful software developer comes from the right combination of personality traits and technical knowledge. We’ve gathered a few questions to ask yourself if you are considering becoming a software developer.

#1: Do I like working with computers?

You will spend your time building, improving and maintaining different types of software across different pieces of technology. This means that working with computers, phones & tablets should be something you enjoy. This might sound obvious, but it’s huge! We often meet students who are attracted to tech because of exciting new products, collaborative work environments, and flexible schedules. These are all awesome perks, but remember that the most important piece of your work will be the code itself. A software developer spends the majority of their time fixing problems and building frameworks.

#2: Do I love to learn?

Technology is a constantly evolving industry. While one language is hot today, it might die tomorrow. Our co-founder, Jason Straughan, often reminisces about writing an entire book on a language that disappeared from use by the time the book was published. What does that mean for you? You should love the process of learning new skills and keeping up to date with cutting-edge technologies. A career in technology gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself many times. You may love working with databases today and find that UI/UX is where your strengths are in a year. You will need to be able to adapt to changes in the industry and be willing to learn on the job or put in the hours on your own time. The more programming languages under your belt the more value you will be able to provide during every stage of your career.

#3: Am I gritty?

Grit is a character trait that can make or break long-term success. Psychologist Angela Duckworth explains it as, “Passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina...sticking with your future, day in and day out.” When it comes to software development, having grit means learning from your failures. We’ve seen students struggle not because they can’t figure out the content, but because they are afraid of failing. Move past that fear! You will inevitably make mistakes, but our successful students are those that learn from their failure along the way.

#4: Am I a problem-solver?

At the end of the day, code is designed to solve a problem! Your ability to think logically, brainstorm creative solutions, proactively research answers, and fill gaps will make you an effective and efficient software developer. That’s why we test for problem-solving ability in our admissions process. Do you like tinkering, Googling, fixing, solving puzzles, and finding your own answers? If you do, you may appreciate the challenges that come along with developing software and debugging code.These are the questions to ask yourself when making the decision to become a software developer. If you answered yes to these questions, coding could be for you. At Codeup we offer an 18-week career accelerator that will help you get a foot in the industry. Ready to start? Call Codeup at 210.802.7289 or shoot us an email at info@codeup.com