Where to Learn to Code in San Antonio

August 14, 2018

Without any background knowledge it’s easy to end up in the wrong level of instruction, learning the wrong code, at the wrong time. Whether it’s a full-fledged degree or a 3-month bootcamp, there’s an array of opportunities for aspiring programmers in San Antonio.The most traditional route to a programming education is enrolling in a university or community college. Almost all of the major universities in San Antonio, including The University of Texas at San Antonio, Trinity University, and Texas A&M San Antonio offer a degree in computer science. The Alamo Colleges also has associates degrees in computer science and certificates in related subjects like C++ , Linux, SQL and Java. Attending a university is expensive; tuition at these schools usually runs from about $10,000 to $60,000 a year, which can quickly add up to an unmanageable amount after four years. Two years of core curriculum filled with history, math, and science is also required before students start learning how to code. Sometimes an employer will require a degree before they look at programming skills, so this path is advantageous to those who need that piece of paper.There are programs in San Antonio teaching necessary programming skills that are less expensive and less time consuming than the traditional university route. Local tech giant Rackspace Hosting started Open Cloud Academy to give San Antonians a hands-on learning experience. Learning tracks include Linux Sys Admin and Network Operations. They have plans to add Software Development in the future. The courses are usually six to eight weeks long and cost around $4,000. Codeup is another great way to learn programming with a focus on Web Development. In twelve-weeks students go from non-techie to talented web programmer for between $9,875 to $13,900. Both programs offer special incentives for the ladies who want to learn how to code. There’s a huge lack of diversity in the tech industry and they’re looking to close the gap. Codeup offers 50% off tuition for several ladies each cohort and Open Cloud Academy gives out 20 scholarships for women participating in Linux for Ladies.Free less extensive classes are also available for teens and vets. Codeup Teens lets high school students get a taste of what being a programmer is all about, without having to pay a cent. The same opportunities are offered for veterans and active duty military through Codeup Vets. Younger kids can try out Made With Code for a basic and fun introduction to coding. Other single-day events include the very popular SA Code Jam for kids of all ages and the School’s Out Hackathon run by actual high school students for high schoolers.San Antonio has a vibrant up-and-coming tech scene with lots of opportunities to get involved. Universities deliver a structured learning environment and degrees many employers are looking for. Bootcamps are perfect for those who want to learn quickly and start working. Either way, programming is a valuable and profitable career path worth considering.