We Guarantee What We Do

100% Tuition Refund Guarantee.

We uphold our mission to empower life change with a 100% Tuition Refund Guarantee for our Full-Stack Web Development and Data Science programs. Codeup will refund 100% of Received Tuition to any Refund-eligible graduate of one of these programs who does not receive a Qualifying Job Offer of employment by the end of their 180-day Job Search Period.

“Received Tuition” refers to funds paid directly to Codeup. Refunds will be issued to the parties responsible for tuition funds, including individuals, loan partners, grant partners, and the VA. Refunds of received tuition exclude associated interest fees and costs.

“Refund-eligible” refers to graduates who:

Are age 18 or over at graduation, possess legal status to work in the United States, and have no criminal history

Identify as “job-seekers” in their Enrollment Agreement and throughout their coursework, and seek “in-field” employment in the United States post-graduation

Have not experienced any of the following post-graduation outcomes:

Enrollment in a full-time program (12+ credit hours or 20+ hours/week)

Full-time enlistment in the military

Incarceration (documentation required)

Death (documentation required)

Graduated with no more than 3 unexcused absences or 10 tardies, including early departures, and graduated with a cumulative grade of 70% or higher

Have maintained compliance with Codeup placement standards, by:

Pursuing all job opportunities provided by Codeup Placement Team to completion of interview cycle (offer or rejection)

Completing and be approved for all Professional Development assignments to be considered job-ready

Submitting a minimum of 5 job applications per week

Making public GitHub pushes of commits at least 5 days per week, containing evidence of newly written code post-graduation date

Meeting with a member of Codeup Placement Team at minimum once per month, or as scheduled and/or deemed necessary by the Placement Team

Responding to communications from the Placement Team and potential employers within two (2) business days

Submitting responses to any code challenges associated with any job application on-time or within one week of receipt if due date is not specified

Demonstrating willingness to work in person within a sixty (60) minute commuting distance from your Codeup campus of enrollment, and/or to work remotely

Comply with and pass any employer-required background check, drug test, or other medical requirements

Notifying the Placement Team within one (1) business day of receipt of any job offer, including the date of the job offer, name and address of the entity extending the offer, and the title and compensation rate of the position being offered

“Qualifying Job Offer” refers to an offer of employment that is:

For a position as an employee, apprentice, intern or independent contractor

Paid, including in cash

Anticipated to be an average of 30 hours or more per week, or multiple offers for part-time work constituting the equivalent of an average of 30 hours or more per week

Anticipated to be at least four (4) weeks in duration

A position in the Graduate’s field of study for which they were trained

In-field roles for Full-Stack Web Development – Java include, but are not limited to: Web Programmer, Web Developer, Web Applications Developer, Software Developer, Junior Software Developer, Computer Programmer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Front-End Developer, Salesforce Developer, ServiceNow Developer, etc.

In-field roles for Data Science include, but are not limited to: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Management Analyst, Data Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Analyst, etc.

“Job Search Period” refers to the 180 calendar day period immediately following the final day of enrollment.

If a graduate believes they qualify for a tuition refund under these stipulations:

Graduate must complete Section A of TWC CSC Form 072 A, which states: “Since graduation, I have not worked in the field for which I was trained” with a selection of “Other” for option #3.

Graduate must submit a written refund request with the completed 072A to Codeup at S4518Director@codeup.com (San Antonio – Vogue) or S5629Director@codeup.com (Dallas) S5769Director@codeup.com (Houston), S5835Director@codeup.com (Austin), S4616Director@codeup.com (San Antonio – Castle) within 30 days of the 180-day post-graduation date.

Codeup will review and respond to the graduate within 30 days of submission.

If approved, refunds will be issued within 60 days of refund approval.

If a funding partner refuses a refund, Codeup will make a donation of an equal amount to the Codeup scholarship fund.

Disclaimer: Should Codeup go out of business, file for bankruptcy, or be bought by another company, all tuition refunds will be terminated on the date of closure/sale. These Tuition Refund Guarantee Terms and Conditions form a part of, and are incorporated into, your Enrollment Agreement, and are therefore subject to the terms and conditions of that agreement. Failure to satisfy any of the Terms and Conditions will result in forfeiture of the Tuition Refund Guarantee.

Force Majeure: In the case of an event or events beyond the control of Codeup that prevents Codeup’s compliance with its obligations under this contract in regard to post-graduation employment guarantee only, Codeup reserves the right to extend the post-graduation employment guarantee deadline from 180 to 365 days. Events beyond the control of Codeup include, but are not limited to: acts of God (fires, earthquakes, global pandemics, hurricanes, floods); war, invasion, embargo; acts of terrorism that cause the closing of business; or national unemployment rates above the Federal Reserve estimated normal of 4.5%. Should this clause be activated, graduates will be notified within 7 business days and before the end of their 180 day Job Search Period.

Currently, our refund policy does not apply towards the Cloud Administration program.