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Veteran Success Stories

After serving 25 years in the military and law enforcement, Boris knew it was time to launch a second career in web development. Codeup challenged and encouraged him to use the skills he had learned from serving in the United States Army and bring it into the classroom!

After serving in the Marine Corps, Lance worked in the service industry for over 15 years. Feeling empowered to make a change in his career, he sought out education options and came across Codeup. Check out his amazing story of transitioning into software development, a career he loves.

Use Your Benefits to Pay for Codeup

Use your VA Benefits as a form of tuition payment for Codeup programs in San Antonio: VET TEC, GI Bill®, VRRAP, and Vocational Rehabilitation and Dallas: VET TEC and VRRAP. Want to pass your military benefits over to a dependent? We’re able to work with you to ensure an easy process. Reach out to our admissions team to learn about Veteran funding options as they may vary.

VA Benefit Details

  • Both veterans and their dependents may utilize VA benefits at Codeup, including VET TEC, VRRAP, GI Bill®, and more. (The only VA benefits accepted at our Dallas location are VET TEC and VRRAP.)

  • Since we’re an accelerated, full-time program, it will consume 12.5 months of benefits.

  • When reviewing benefits, veterans should look for their remaining months of eligibility, benefit level, delimiting date, and type of benefit.

  • Veterans or Veteran’s Dependents should work through Codeup’s admissions process before activating their benefits.

  • We’ll need to collect former transcripts, copies of your DD-214 or NOBE, current address and contact information, an intent to enroll form, as well as a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility.

Veteran Scholarship

We love our Military City, USA veterans! If you’re a veteran or dependent enrolling in our program, you could receive a scholarship.

  • Available to veterans and dependents

  • Scholarships awarded based on need and merit

  • We’ll deduct your scholarship total from your tuition cost

  • Applicants must show proof of service

If you need further assistance or would like more information on VA benefits, please contact our SCO team at

Experience the Codeup Difference

Fill out the application below. Our (helpful and friendly) Admissions team will be in touch ASAP to help answer questions. Even if you’re not sure if Codeup is right for you, we can help you work through your doubts and hesitancies in your initial phone call.